Princess Piggy Poo house sitter

Last week my friends headed to Hawaii while Princess Piggy Poo and I headed to their house to keep an eye on their place and mostly their pets. Princess Piggy Poo didn’t seem to get into the spirit of having a nicer surrounding, using up other people’s air conditioning and eating their food. She was a little mopey and didn’t have an appetite for their lettuce or their pets.

I made sure to give Princess Piggy Poo all the attention she normally gets, although floor time was out of the question with a cat and two dogs running around. Either she didn’t appreciate sharing me or the other furry creatures were getting on her last good nerve.

Princess Piggy Poo’s accommodation—her cage—was perched on a lovely countertop with windows running the length of the room for glorious natural sunlight while maintaining a comfortable 78-degree environment. The only misfortune is that the cat’s food was on the same counter and for some reason, Sweet Pea thought the only way to get to her dish was to walk over Princess Piggy Poo’s house. Okay, I can see where that could be annoying.

The little dog Eddie loved the sound of his own voice, and while I was only home for a few hours in the night after work, Princess Piggy Poo enjoyed his yapping all day long. It gave me comfort knowing there was something for her to listen to, as I didn’t have access to her usual NPR. I don’t think she shared these feelings.

The cherry on top was whenever I would hold Princess Piggy Poo, the big dog Edalani felt the need to kiss her all over like a newborn pup. I’m sure Princess Piggy Poo mistook this gesture as aggressive, especially when the dog lifted her guinea pig behind with that extend-o doggy tongue in an effort to extract Princess Piggy Poo’s poop. Isn’t it amazing when God’s creatures that should be enemies get along so well?

All in all, I had a fine time with all the furry friends—thank goodness for Benadryl—but I could swear that today I saw Princess Piggy Poo clicking her tiny pink feet together and squeaking, “There’s no place like home.”

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1 Response to Princess Piggy Poo house sitter

  1. kramer says:

    Well, I do like the adventure of going to spend some time at someone else’s home. I just like getting out of my own home. But if I had some big monster cat crawling over my head, I don’t think I’d like that none too much!! Glad to hear that all God’s creatures got along so well. It is wonderful to see. If only humans could be the same way. Have to say, though, if I was at someone’s home and some “Jolly Green Giant” with an “extendo-tongue” was trying to lick poop off my butt, I would be yelping and sqeaking too . . . and praying to God clicking my feet together would bring me back home!! 🙂

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