Appreciative Princess Piggy Poo

The other day when I placed Princess Piggy Poo down for floor time, as she began to scurry away I noticed a trail of black, wavy hair flowing behind her like a long wedding gown train. It looked like something you’d see in a Tim Burton flick. Sadly, it had nothing to do with creativity and everything to do with the fact that I haven’t been home enough lately to properly clean my house. 

While I may live in uncivilized conditions, I do make sure to clean Princess Piggy Poo’s cage every three days. No matter how busy I am, it wouldn’t be right for her to endure filthy conditions so I make sure her living space is cleaned. I wonder if she appreciates this effort.

I wonder if Princess Piggy Poo appreciates any of the little things I do for her. It’s not like I really expect her to be appreciative; it’s probably a case of personification on my part. Does a guinea pig with a pea-sized brain understand the concept that I buy cilantro because it’s her favorite treat?

It gives me joy to see Princess Piggy Poo thrive and enjoy her existence under my care. Whether she appreciates it or not is moot. I’ll keep doing the things that I think will make her comfortable and happy. Because every time I hear Princess Piggy Poo squeak, it’s as good as her saying, “Thanks.”

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One Response to Appreciative Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    Like mommies of two-legged creatures, mommies of four-legged creatures want only the best for them. While Princess Piggy Poo may have only a pea-sized brain, that doesn’t mean her emotions and thoughts are pea-sized! I know I treated my dog better than myself; i.e., made sure his bed was clean, provided him only the best food and medical care and, when I took sandspurs out of his foot, I know he appreciated it. This blog did bring back some fond memories of my father, and the laughter we had at things I did, and I do seem to recall a “pea-sized” brain being mentioned a time or two . . . but my love for him was bigger than the sky!! 🙂

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