Pretty Princess Piggy Poo

As I was chatting with Philip, who provides me with advice on being a better guinea pig momma (I call him Princess Piggy Poo’s Prince Philip because he rescues her from my ignorance), he commented that cavies are “silly looking creatures.” Even in his charming British accent, it sounded mean. I would never describe Princess Piggy Poo that way.

However, as he kept talking about guinea pig’s short little legs holding up their big bodies—like a horizontal Mr. Potato Head—and their prominent snouts with tiny nostrils and lips, he was describing a caricature.

Okay, so maybe it’s true. When I look at pictures of guinea pigs that I don’t know and love, they are a little silly looking, but when I look at Princess Piggy Poo, all I see is cuteness. And, I tell her that every day in a high-pitched voice: “You’re so cute, you’re so cute, you’re so cute, you’re so cute!”

If Princess Piggy Poo has any flaws, they become either precious or invisible to me. That’s kind of why love is blind. It takes away any judgments. It’s a gift we give our pets and treasured friends, and would make us happier if we extended to ourselves. Guinea pigs aren’t the only silly looking creatures.

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One Response to Pretty Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    “All you need is love, love; love is all you need.”

    ‘Nuff said!! 🙂

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