Relaxed Princess Piggy Poo

As much as I lament that I’m not doing right by Princess Piggy Poo because she doesn’t have a guinea pig buddy and her house is kind of small; there’s one area where I’m downright jealous of her. Every day of her life, for as long as I’ve had her, she gets the most relaxing full-body massage from Her Momma the Masseuse.

 I can understand why doctors say that having a pet helps reduce blood pressure because as I scratch the top of Princess Piggy Poo’s little head and work down to her adorable twitchy nose I start to feel relaxed. Watching her blue eyes blink slowly makes mine close a little too. When I use my forefinger and thumb to clutch the back of her neck and lift up to her sweet pink ears, I would bet my heart rate lowers to the 50s—much like a world-class athlete.

As if that wasn’t enough, the part that really makes me green with envy is when I massage her tiny scapula. I know I’m projecting my desire to have someone work on my back, but Princess Piggy Poo does seem to enjoy the gentle, firm swirls on that flat backbone below her shoulders. In as much as I find that the highlight of any massage I get, Princess Piggy Poo takes after me, as she usually loses interest after that. Seems guinea pigs don’t like the feeling of their fur going against the grain. Sometimes, Princess Piggy Poo starts hopping around and squeaking even if I go with the grain. I take that as a sign she’s not in the mood to be scratched below her waist—wherever that is.

I happily pay nearly a hundred bucks for the stress relief of a relaxing back massage each month. To have one every day…how lucky can one Piggy be!

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One Response to Relaxed Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    Oh, yes, Princess Piggy Poo has a wonderful life!! I also do agree whole-heartedly in the health, emotional/physical, benefits of “loving” a pet. My dog didn’t hop around and squeak when he was “finished” with me; he just got up and left. Like mama; like son. I have “personal space” issues, so I am not big on receiving “professional” massages . . . but I’m very big on receiving “personal” massages!! 🙂

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