Long in the tooth

Guinea pig teeth are always growing. Why the hell would that be necessary? If I were chomping on hay all day grinding my teeth into nubs, I wouldn’t have to ask that question. And I would be happy that Mother Nature had the foresight to provide me an endless supply.

Princess Piggy Poo has some impressive incisors…a pair up top and on bottom. Those four teeth are the only ones I’ve seen, but supposedly cavies have 20 teeth total. Apparently, the other 16 are hiding behind the fat pads in her cheeks. While I might be a tad curious to see them, the anticipation of the damage they can do to my skin prevents me from inspecting them.

Luckily, Princess Piggy Poo has a healthy appetite and a zaftig appearance, so she’s doing fine with her choppers. Between the vitamin C to help them grow strong, the hay to wear them down and the wooden hiding house that provides extra chew opportunities, I’m praying Princess Piggy Poo will never need a veterinary dentist.

Learning about guinea pig teeth makes me happy to have human teeth that don’t continuously grow. Daily brushing and flossing seem so much easier than grazing on hay and gnawing on a house.

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2 Responses to Long in the tooth

  1. kramer says:

    “Always growing”?? WOW! I do agree with you that investigation into this too far could cause YOU serious harm!! Being curious is fine, but I’m with you. I would respect the incisors, and let Princess Piggy Poo take care of those other ones. Mother Nature is just awesome. And the way She takes care of us is nothing short of genius . . . . no surprise she’s a WOMAN!! 🙂

  2. Angee says:

    That is a really cute picture of a growing guinea pig!

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