All ears

When I adopted Princess Piggy Poo, there was a choice between two white guinea pigs. One cavy had pink ears and the other had gray ears. As shallow as it sounds, I picked the pink-eared piggy because I thought that worked better with the name “Princess Piggy Poo.”

Now that Princess Piggy Poo is full grown, I’m wondering if her gray-eared sister was aptly named, Dumbo. Seems to me those little pink flappers on my baby are quite something and I’m guessing it runs in the family.

“My, what big ears you have!” I have told Princess Piggy Poo more than once, imagining her answer, “The better to hear you with, my dear,” as I watch the tiny auricle hairs twitch at the different sounds she hears. Seems guinea pigs can hear many more frequencies than humans and even have more sensitivity than dogs. This wide range comes in handy for hearing predators.

Princess Piggy Poo makes the most of her sizeable sound sensors in her protected environment. She’s a really good listener, as long as the only answers you seek are chortles, squeaks and wheeks.

Funny, the thing that brought us together—her pink ears—turned out to be so prominent. They are a conspicuous reminder that you never know which small choice will make a big difference in your life. It makes me grin from ear to ear.


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1 Response to All ears

  1. kramer says:

    So it was those pink ears that won you over? How adorable is that!! I find it quite interesting that Princess Piggy has such a high sensitivity to hearing . . higher than dogs even. Another fasinating factoid from the world of the cavy. I have often wondered if we pick our pets or if they pick us. I too was taken with the ears of my dog. The way he perked them up and cocked his head just spoke to me. Right then I just knew we went together . . . like a wink and a smile!! 🙂


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