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Guinea Pig Lady

While I have become adept at performing manicures on Princess Piggy Poo, from time to time she still scratches my arms if I’m not careful lowering her into her cage. At first I was embarrassed by and tried to hide … Continue reading

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Pucker up Princess Piggy Poo

It’s hard to know what’s in a guinea pig’s heart. Cavies don’t wag their tails the way dogs do; heck, they don’t even have tails. There are the various vocalizations that provide clues, but I’m never sure if Princess Piggy … Continue reading

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All ears

When I adopted Princess Piggy Poo, there was a choice between two white guinea pigs. One cavy had pink ears and the other had gray ears. As shallow as it sounds, I picked the pink-eared piggy because I thought that … Continue reading

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