Celebrating Princess Piggy Poo

While I can’t compete with Princess Piggy Poo’s instincts, it is thrilling that most of the time I can reach into her cage and give her a loving scratch or pick her up without incident. My previous guinea pig would dart around as if he was on fire every time I tried to get him. Maybe she’s less skittish than her predecessor because it’s her temperament, or perhaps it’s because I’ve been holding her since she was only a month old.

Princess Piggy Poo’s idiosyncrasies—especially her fondness for hanging out in the pouch pocket of my hoodies—can really annoy me. Now that summer’s coming, I’ll be seeing a lot more of her as I put away my sweatshirts. I’ve started weaning her from the pocket but she’s pretty insistent, nipping at whatever shirt I’m wearing in search of her favorite hiding spot. It’s a training process and she’s nicked my belly more than a few times but I have faith she’ll catch on.

I realize guinea pigs have tiny brains, but Princess Piggy Poo has a big personality. There’s a certain entitlement vibe I get from her and I’m sure it’s my fault for pronouncing her royalty. That, and I am a pushover for all pets. Whether Princess Piggy Poo is wheeking for lettuce, dancing around her cage, ripping at my shirts or giving me the evil eye, I’m delighted that she’s my little buddy.

It’s easy to celebrate furry, feathery (and maybe even scaly) friends for enhancing our lives with their presence. As my eight-year-old nephew once exclaimed to one of my pets, “How can I resist you when you’re so adorable!” (Which was actually pretty adorable, too.) I don’t believe that people are capable of unconditional love, but if they are, it’s because they learned it from a pet.

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2 Responses to Celebrating Princess Piggy Poo

  1. kramer says:

    So guinea pigs have different personalities, much like other pets and people? I never thought about that before, but it makes perfect sense. I don’t believe people are capable of unconditional love to one another, but I do believe they are capable of unconditional love for a pet. I don’t blame Princess Piggy Poo for fighting to retain her prized hiding pocket and the sense of loving security that she has been showered with all her life by the unconditional love of Hermommathequeen. The security of love is the most precious gift. Nestled in the cozy and loving pocket of a person 100 times my size would be wonderful, and I would not be too willing to give that up without a fight . . . definitely not without at least a few scratches to the belly!! 🙂

  2. Well it seems whee must order you to obey the every whim of the beautiful Princess. If you a boiled alive in a hoody then you will know you did it for Her Majesty so it was worthwhile!

    Piggy Lips and Lovin’
    The Princess’s Loyal And Adoring Subjects
    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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