Boom boom pow Piggy

The other day at work we got word there was a “potential bomb threat.” I liked that it was a potential threat. Just adding the word “potential” made it incidental. Although in a post 9-11 world, you take these things seriously—kind of.

This potential bomb threat warranted at least a quick discussion and a couple of laughs. There are quite a few lawyers in our building so we figured the threat could be legit. But just like the bomb threats every now and again in high school, we didn’t think anything would go boom so we got back to work.

It got me thinking about how cavalier we were and, in contrast, how Princess Piggy Poo believes that every second of her life is a bomb threat. Even though she has more security than most of God’s creatures will ever enjoy; that fact eludes her. Talk about knowing your place on the food chain; Princess Piggy Poo is not one to let down her guard.

Think of how exhausting it would be to stay on heightened alert all day, every day. No wonder a guinea pig’s heart beats at 180-350 beats per minute depending on which website you visit or believe. No wonder I’ve never seen a guinea pig close its eyes. No wonder Princess Piggy Poo spends 90+ percent of her time in a hiding house. My coworkers and I didn’t even have the energy to entertain evacuating the building—we’d make crappy guinea pigs.

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2 Responses to Boom boom pow Piggy

  1. kramer says:

    People have a varied sense of security, don’t they? For every person who ignores a threat, there is a person who believes a real threat is right around the corner. Like Princess Piggy, an animal of prey, I won’t say that I am always on a “heightened alert.” But I do have a healthy respect for any threats to my well-being . Having worked with lawyers the past 30 years, I would have no problem believing a bomb threat is legit . . . does the phrase “Elvis has left the building” ring a bell??? !! 🙂

  2. ashedit says:

    A sensitive and enlightened post on how humans get more like Princess Piggy every day. You provide a calm, stable environment and she still spends all her time in a hiding house. Hmmm, sounds a little bit like me…

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