Princess main house and guesthouse

A while ago, when I thought I might get Princess Piggy Poo a little guinea pig buddy, I figured I better get her a bigger house. My friend Doug had a spare cage and brought it over.

It looked big when he was wheeling the cage into the living room but in reality the guinea pig living space is only about 4″ longer. That’s not substantial, but bigger is bigger so I moved Princess Piggy Poo into her new place. After a few days, her cage was getting stinky and I wanted to clean it but didn’t have time. Then I realized, her old house is clean and it wouldn’t take any time or effort to move her back, so I did.

I’ve heard it said that our pets “talk” to us, so I asked Princess Piggy Poo which house she liked best. I have my own feelings about it, and amazingly they seem to be her feelings, too.

The new house, we’ll call her main house because it’s bigger, which is a plus, but it’s deep and difficult for me to get her out. The old house, or guesthouse, is familiar and definitely easier to pick her up. However, whichever house Princess Piggy Poo is in, she mainly hangs out in her hiding house and that takes up the same room in either location. When she’s out of her house, Princess Piggy Poo prefers my pocket or sleeve so a roomy place doesn’t seem to be her priority.

Doug asked me if I wanted him to come back and pick up the main house but I told him to wait. Seems the real reason I like Princess Piggy Poo having two houses is that when one house is dirty the other is clean, and I just move her from house to house. When serving a Princess, it’s grand to have alternatives.

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3 Responses to Princess main house and guesthouse

  1. kramer says:

    I can relate to Princess Piggy Poo’s preference to her “hiding” house. I too have a “hiding” house in my “main” house, and that is my bedroom. It’s where I go to enjoy peace and quiet, it’s cozy, relaxing, and where I recharge my battery. I don’t want to clean my “main” house either, and the “hiding” house keeps that out of my line of vision . . out of sight; out of mind. You will have to listen to what Princess Piggy tells you. But I’ll bet my bottom dollar that she doesn’t care whether she is in the guest house or main house, as long as she has her “hiding” house, where she feels cozy and warm . . . and can watch you clean her other homes!! 🙂

  2. Angee says:

    That is so cute! So P.P.P. has a palace and summer home! Now if only I could be so lucky!

  3. Carol says:

    she’s like the florida snowbirds with two homes

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