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Bad guinea pig!

I guess you could say Princess Piggy Poo and I had our first altercation. Just like every day—at least twice a day—she was tucked into my pocket and I was petting her little head. Suddenly, and without any provocation I … Continue reading

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Princess main house and guesthouse

A while ago, when I thought I might get Princess Piggy Poo a little guinea pig buddy, I figured I better get her a bigger house. My friend Doug had a spare cage and brought it over. It looked big … Continue reading

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Princess Piggy—emphasis on the—Poo

The “Beverly Hills Diet” book was sitting on my kitchen table and my friend Christine’s then-husband John picked it up and started thumbing through it. “You eat like this,” he warned, ”and you’ll be shitting like a goose.” I laughed … Continue reading

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Time to pet the guinea pig

When you start a new job, there’s always that adjustment period. Not just getting used to the work and the people, but how it affects other aspects of your life. Los Angeles is notorious for traffic so even a 5-mile … Continue reading

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