Pin-up Piggy

I know it’s only February, but when I scroll through all the pictures of Princess Piggy Poo on this blog, I can’t help but think what a cute calendar she’d make.

With the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue coming out, I could cut her three tiny triangles connected with string and direct Princess Piggy Poo to put on a sexy pout.

Last Christmas I bought a little Santa cap after seeing guinea pigs in a magazine cuddled in little sleeping bags. I thought for $1.29 the hat would make a nice cozy spot for Princess Piggy Poo to spend her cold winter nights. After realizing the hat would be soiled within hours, I couldn’t bear to put it in her cage. Therefore, I already have a prop for her December shot.

Perhaps I could buy a little Eiffel Tower or leaning Tower of Pisa and do a travelogue calendar. Kind of ironic since her idea of air travel is when I carry her in my pouch pocket from room to room putting laundry away or other tedious chores.

Creating a calendar for 2013 may be a moot endeavor. If the Mayans are right, we’ll be hurling through space on December 21. Chances are good Princess Piggy Poo will be safely tucked into my pocket spinning through the universe indifferent to her location. I guess I have time to determine if I want Princess Piggy Poo to be a pin-up girl with her own calendar. I’ll decide on December 22.

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One Response to Pin-up Piggy

  1. Kramer says:

    I think Princess Piggy would make a beautiful model, representing her species with style and grace. I love your ideas for the different props showing a travel calendar. I have to admit I am jealous of the first-class experience of Princess Piggy’s kind of air travel. I hope the Mayans are wrong so Princess Piggy will have her own calendar . . . I bet she makes the cover of SI !! 🙂

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