The eyes have it

Have you ever met anyone with two different colored eyes? You can’t help but focus on only one of them at a time. First, you look at the left eye, then the right, then the left, then the right, and on and on.

While both of Princess Piggy Poo’s eyes are the same color, one eye is outlined in black—her goth eye—and one is outlined in pink—her tribute to her favorite singer, Pink eye.

When I first got Princess Piggy Poo, I thought one eye was bigger than the other one and just hoped they both worked okay. After giving her the motherly look over, I realized her eyeballs were even; it was the color around each eye that was deceiving my vision.

Unlike the way you’d stare at a human with two different eyes, it’s not so easy with a prey animal. Instead of having two eyes facing center, guinea pigs’ eyes are on the side of their heads—helpful in spotting carnivores coming from behind. By the time I’d twist her around, I forgot what the first eye looked like. Finally, I looked at her from above and made my final conclusion.

After being relieved her eyeballs were the same size, I was still disappointed that they didn’t appear perfect. Sure, each had it’s own charm but something about it was off-putting to me until I realized, so what, she’s still a rock star.

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One Response to The eyes have it

  1. Kramer says:

    Yes, I have met a person with two different colored eyes, and I thought it was just awesome. One was blue and one was green. I never thought they looked uneven; thus, the difference between Princess Piggy and my ex, but not the only one. I do think my ex could also be considered a prey animal. . . . But he was definitely no rock star!! 🙂

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