Sweet inspiration

My friend Mariam said she wanted to hang out and  “color.” If Mariam was 5 years old, I wouldn’t have laughed in her face, but she drives, is married and a successful business owner, so laugh I did. Her wanting to color didn’t include crayons and a Disney Princess coloring book; she wanted to go to Color Me Mine and paint ceramics.

After making fun of her, I agreed to go. I had little interest but I like trying new things. While she went to get us hot teas at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I looked for something to paint. Being a minimalist, I never want to bring anything new into my home but something caught my eye. It was an unattractive dried white clay coffee mug with a crown but my Princess Piggy Poo came to mind.

Choosing the mug was just the beginning; next the colors need to be decided. My creative juices began to flow: do I select pale colors, make it retro, go funky? Again, I pictured Princess Piggy Poo and her pretty pink ears. I had to make it girly.

Mariam had been gone awhile, seems the Coffee Bean people are as serious about their tea as I am about my color coordinating. I was still placing color tiles together when Mariam ran in with the tea, grabbed the keepsake box she was making for her new niece, selected her colors and brushes and started coloring.

By the time I decided on my colors she had painted the lid and 2 sides of her box. Finally, I was ready and painting. Painting was one of the most relaxing things I’ve done…up there with massages and a day at the beach. The tricky thing is that you won’t know how your ceramic will turn out until it’s been fired and you pick it up the following week. I figured I wouldn’t be too uptight if it’s ugly, after all, my muse is cute and I’ve never done anything like this before.

So this Saturday, I collected my mug from Color Me Mine and shared my creation with Princess Piggy Poo. In a funny way, I felt like she knew it had something to do with her.

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One Response to Sweet inspiration

  1. kramer says:

    How cute that mug is!! You did a wonderful job. I have to say that if a friend of mine asked me to color, I would have been excited . . . until they mentioned ceramics. Then I just would have stared into space with a “dumbstruck” look on my face. For I, my friend, have absolutely no creative juices to tap . . . God just did not include those in my gene pool. The crown is an absolute perfect decoration choice. I too believe Princess Piggy feels it has something to do with her. For me, mine would read “CMH” for Color Me Happy . . . with a big spicy salmon roll for the decoration!! 🙂

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