Love bites

Read almost any guinea pig article or blog and it will tell you that guinea pigs don’t bite. Guinea pigs don’t bite. Hmm…I’m finding evidence to the contrary.

Mr. Cucoloris Jr. would sit calmly on my lap while I gently pet him and suddenly turn on a dime and take a bite of whatever he could get. My reflexes were generally good, but he did draw blood a couple of times. His father, Mr. Cucoloris Sr., had this same ill-disposed practice.

Fast-forward to Princess Piggy Poo who doesn’t necessarily bite, but scratches softly at my hand or arm with her teeth. Those same blogs that say guinea pigs don’t bite, say that guinea pigs give “kisses” and describe them pretty much like these little scratches likely because those big cavy teeth get in the way of puckering or French kissing.

I wonder if it’s a bit of personification, I mean, it’s nice to think your pet kisses you, but it seems to me Princess Piggy Poo may just like the taste of my salty skin. The only reason I keep asking her, “Piggy, are you giving Momma kisses?” when she does it, is because I’ve seen how aggressively she tugs at my sleeve or her toy toilet paper roll and I can tell she’s being tender with me.

For now I find these “kisses” charming, as long as no blood is involved, nobody gets hurt.

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One Response to Love bites

  1. kramer says:

    “Love bites,” you say? I’m glad to hear you have good reflexes and were able to avoid blood being drawn by these “kisses” from Mr. Cucoloris, Jr. & Sr., and nobody got hurt!! While I have no experience with a guinea pig, when you speak of the way Princess Piggy Poo kisses, it brings me back to my high school days. . . was that a “love bite” or did he just like the taste of my salty skin? I’m with you. Judging by the way a guy would aggressively tug at my shirt brings back the memories of my own quick reflexes . . . “Touch me again and you’ll be pulling back a stump”! 🙂

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