A piggy for Piggy

Recently, I spent the night at a friend’s house and the instant I got home grabbed lettuce to feed Princess Piggy Poo her breakfast. She didn’t squeak when she heard the bag rustle. She didn’t even eat the lettuce. I picked her up to see if she was okay and realized, she had missed our morning cuddle.

After holding her for a few minutes, I put Princess Piggy Poo back in her cage and she happily scarfed the lettuce. Everything was back to normal, except I started feeling guilty about how selfish I am for not letting her have a buddy. Maybe I had to suck it up and have two guinea pigs.

I headed to the pet shop for guinea pig food and inquired about adopting another piggy. The nice pet shop lady said that I should bring Princess Piggy Poo to the pet shop and place her with another cavy to see if they get along. “Is that usually a problem?” I asked. I let her know that Princess Piggy Poo is still a babe at only 3 months old.

The clerk explained that sometimes one guinea pig will dominate the other one, and then I would have to keep them in separate cages. This didn’t sound like the blissful cohabitation scenario I imagined on my drive to the pet shop. I mean, what if the new guinea pig turned out to be dominant and made Princess Piggy Poo miserable? I would rue the day and detest that new piggy. Although, I tend to think Princess Piggy Poo would be the dominant one—after all, I’m her bitch.

The pet shop lady recognized my ambivalence and with a pragmatic look assured me that if I pay attention to Princess Piggy Poo, she should be fine. Then pet shop lady repeated something my friend and coworker Bob Flynt told me ages ago, “You can’t miss what you never had.” It made sense to me, and may have helped Princess Piggy Poo dodge a bullet.

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One Response to A piggy for Piggy

  1. kramer says:

    Aah, the importance of cuddling has come up. The nurturer in me is touched by this thought-provoking blog. Like any dear pet, friend, husband/wife, child, Princess Piggy Poo desires and needs the comforting touch of the person most dear to her . . . herMommatheQueen. While I also agree that “You can’t miss what you never had,” I also believe that “Three is a crowd” in certain circumstances. A cherished relationship needs to be nurtured, cuddled, protected, fed (even lettuce, if preferred) if it is to maintain its desired goal of love, respect and happiness. It would have served my ex well to remember that. He dodged a bullet himself . . . barely! 🙂

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