Piss and vinegar

Are the kids looking for some cool experiment for science show-and-tell? Here’s a trick that makes me appreciate science and helps keep Princess Piggy Poo’s cage clean.

Seems that guinea pig pee, which is supposed to be clear to cloudy in color, can turn orange after drying in the cage. When you look at the yuck-yuck, it’s hard to believe a little vinegar will do the trick, but it works.

You see, vinegar is an acid and pee is a base. The acid/base combo creates a neutralizing effect so the vinegar cuts through the crud.

The best part of all this is that Princess Piggy Poo has potty trained herself to only pee in the triangular tray that holds her hay, so all the orange crust is isolated to one small area making it easier to carry the small container into science class rather than the whole cage.

I just pour vinegar full strength into the tray to cover the pee stains and let it stand for a bit, wipe and then rinse it out. It’s gross, but it’s science—and probably an easy “A”.

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One Response to Piss and vinegar

  1. kramer says:

    Well, I have to say that I love the title of this post, as I’ve been told a time or two in my life that I am full of “piss and vinegar.” However, I do not ever recall any type of study ever being done on the subject. I have to say that I’ve learned something here in this post today that I did not learn when I was in school. I too think it would be a great science project. Great idea, Momma!! 🙂

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