Somewhere under the rainbow house

My friend David dropped by to meet Princess Piggy Poo and after looking in her cage commented, “That’s quite the gay-friendly hiding house she has.” “Yep,” I replied.

Actually, when I first adopted Princess Piggy Poo, the only hiding house option was a drab pine box with two front openings: a small circle “window” and an arched “doorway.” I wanted something more open so I could peek at her. And, while her cage is anything but attractive, I needed something more colorful than a morbid pine box inside it. I bought her a temporary cardboard tube so I could look online for something more suitable.

Considering I had the entire world-wide-web shopping mart at my fingertips, I couldn’t find a hidey hut that I liked. I went back to Andersen’s Pet Shop, where I got Princess Piggy Poo, and the folks there showed me the bending rainbow. They said the rainbow colors were made with food coloring and it would be safe for her to chew. Sold! Now Princess Piggy Poo has a hiding place and a way to keep her teeth whittled down to a healthy length. And, I can enjoy the beauty of a rainbow.

“By the way, in addition to our progressive housing choice,” I told David, ”her name is staying Princess Piggy Poo even if the pet shop folks are mistaken and she grows a pair. We live close enough to West Hollywood—there shouldn’t be any judgments.”

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One Response to Somewhere under the rainbow house

  1. kramer says:

    I just love that Princess Piggy has such a colorful house. Mine is an off-white with dark green trim, and certainly not edible in any sense of the word . . . not even to whittle my teeth on! However, it does most certainly keep me warm in the winter, cool in the summer, has indoor plumbing, and protects me from harm . . . much like the perfunctory comforts that Princess Piggy Poo’s home provides. All necessities of living aside, both for Princess Piggy and myself, I would much prefer to have a house the colors of the rainbow. And as for judgments concerning mine or Princess Piggy Poo’s choice in color of our dwelling, well . . . . bring it on, cupcake! 🙂

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