Too cute for words

I haven’t decided if Princess Piggy Poo is so cute because she really is or because she’s mine. If you’re inclined to think guinea pigs are cute, you’ll definitely agree that Princess Piggy Poo is…but would you think she’s so cute?

Being all white with pink ears, people have asked if Princess Piggy Poo is a mouse or a rat. There was a time I would have grossed out at that thought. I’m not as offended now but I quickly point out that she has a cute round butt and not an ugly long tail—she’s all guinea pig.

When I first got her, it looked as though her left eye was smaller than her right one. It freaked me out until I realized that she naturally has black eyeliner around the left eye and pink eyeliner around the right one—it was an optical illusion…so cute!

Being cute isn’t just about what she looks like either. Princess Piggy Poo does such cute things. In her cage is a brown toilet paper roll to play with. She chews on it and tosses it around for fun. One time she was darting through her cage and got her head stuck in the roll. And, no, I didn’t take a picture. That would have been cruel. I rescued her immediately like any good mother. But I did laugh. The way she wagged that roll lodged on her neck and doubling her body length was so cute.

My enhanced affection for Princess Piggy Poo reminds me of when someone tells a story about something funny that happened to them and no one reacts…one of those “you had to be there” type of things. Honestly, if Princess Piggy Poo was someone else’s guinea pig, I wouldn’t gush. So I confess, I do think she’s so cute because she’s mine. But c’mon, she is pretty cute!

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One Response to Too cute for words

  1. kramer says:

    You sound exactly like any other mother telling funny stories about their children and gushing over their adorableness, whether they be four-legged or two-legged. Your story of her getting her head stuck made me giggle, but I am glad to hear you did not even hesitate to remove it quickly . . . even if you laughed as you did it!! For me, personally, I have never owned or cared for a guinea pig, so I have no real basis for my opinion, but is she “pretty cute,” you ask . . . . “c’mon.” 🙂

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