Gridiron guinea pig

Princess Piggy Poo is a Tim Tebow fan. I’ve caught her Tebowing in her cage. Every Sunday, when the Bronco games are televised, you’ll find her in front of the TV. Well, I’m in front of the TV, she’s usually tucked in my sleeve or the pouch pocket of my sweatshirt, but I spot her peeking out.

This weekend had Denver at Minnesota. While the Broncos are our team, we cheered for Percy Harvin and his two amazing touchdowns because I’m trying to teach Princess Piggy Poo to spread the Gator love even if the guy is on the enemy team.

There are only two things I worry about when watching football with Princess Piggy Poo:  1) I don’t want to accidentally spike her when my team scores and 2) I don’t want her to accidentally pee on me for keeping her out of her cage and on my person for too long.

This Bronco vs. Viking game was especially dangerous. The back and forth scoring, the excitement of missed tackles and oh, look at that naysayers, Tim Tebow connecting with receivers, it was impossible not to involuntarily kick my legs, yell, stand up, jump up and down and cheer, and be relieved I didn’t drop my piggy.

The fact that the winner wasn’t decided until the last play of the game challenged her little bladder as I bounced up and down cheering, “Holy Piggy Poo! They did it again.” No wonder Princess Piggy Poo loves Tim Tebow. He provides her lots of action-packed excitement on a Sunday afternoon.

(By the way, the fair catch rule should go back to the two-yard safety zone around the person who signals for the catch. I’m all for the special teams being aggressive but this new way looks too dangerous and sloppy. Somebody take care of that for me.)

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2 Responses to Gridiron guinea pig

  1. kramer says:

    While I am a Certified Card-carrying Gator Hater, I am a Tebow fan like Princess Piggy. I think it’s great that she too is a fan, and that you are teaching her such good sportsmanship manners. I think you have two very important concerns. While it is so much more fun to enjoy a good football game with a friend, we wouldn’t want any unfortunate incidents to occur. In the “game” of life, having Princess Piggy with you to watch a football game on Sunday afternoon is the best . . . . without a “splash” or a “splat” would be better!! 🙂

  2. kramer says:

    Just to have to say that I just noticed the pic. How cute is that??? Princess Piggy is so darling looking, just peeking out of your sleeve to watch the game. Love it!! BTW, how did you get used to holding a guinea pig? Or did it ever bother you? Tossing the idea around of getting one myself, but just can’t get past my feeling that it’s a “rat.” 🙂

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