Who’s your Momma?

When I had my dog, Limousine (God rest her sweet soul), most people would laugh when I referred to her as my furry daughter. And, when I’m on the way out my front door with friends, they laugh when I call back inside to Princess Piggy Poo, “Be a good girl, Mommy loves you.” But it’s called adoption, not acquiring, so shouldn’t we become our pets’ parents?

The only person I know who loves her dogs but doesn’t call herself their mom is my friend Karen. I asked her if it’s because she has a human kid, but Karen said that even before she had her daughter, she just considered herself their human. After hearing that, I tilted my head to the side like a confused puppy.

I think most people consider themselves their pets’ mom or dad. We provide food, shelter and, in some cases, clothing. We provide love, safety and, in some cases, instruction. We’re proud of them for being cute and find their flaws endearing. I never wanted to be a mother to a human, but when it comes to my furry babies, if you asked them, “Who’s your Momma?” I think they would tell you I am.

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One Response to Who’s your Momma?

  1. kramer says:

    I have always considered myself my pet’s mommy for the very same reasons you mentioned. Not only did I feed and care for my dog, but he returned to me more than I ever gave. He was my best friend, confidante, protector, part-time priest, and cared for me when I was ill. No matter of being a mother to a human or animal, being a “Momma” is a very special honor . . . and the love is the same. Love is love, after all. 🙂

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