Every princess deserves a castle

Tomorrow is my weekly cleaning day but my friend Karen brought her daughter Sonja over today to meet Princess Piggy Poo so I cleaned up the place a day early. Not my place, Princess Piggy Poo’s. Plus, she spilled her water bowl so it was only the right thing to do.

Princess Piggy Poo really shouldn’t have a water bowl. Generally, guinea pigs drink out of those water bottles that hang upside down from their cages. My poor Princess doesn’t know how. The pet store guy admitted she couldn’t have learned while she lived there because they don’t use the bottles. He recommended putting something sweet on the spout such as molasses or honey, but she still won’t use the bottle. So it hangs there like artwork in her cage. In the month I’ve had her she’s only spilled her water bowl once but as she gets bigger, her hovel will become smaller and I may be cleaning that cage a lot more.

It would be nice if I could just get her a bigger cage. Actually, it would have been nice if I had bought her her own abode at all. Instead she’s in a hand-me-down house from her predecessor Mr. Cucoloris Jr. (God rest his teeny soul.) Don’t worry I cleaned it really good before moving her in. Burned a little sage to remove Junior’s spirit…just kidding.

As much as I’d love to give her more room to run around, the reality is she just sits in her little piggy cave 99.3% of the time anyway. And the .7% of the time she’s not in her cave, she’s grabbing food to drag in there. I know I’d love a 10,000-square-foot house but I manage to squeeze into one that’s shy of 1,000. Just because every princess deserves a castle it doesn’t mean she’ll get one. Welcome to my world, Piggy.

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3 Responses to Every princess deserves a castle

  1. Barbara says:

    I love your stories-I now have this on my ‘popular bar’:)
    Am I ever going to meet PPP!!

  2. Grandma PiggyPoo says:

    Has Ms PiggyPoo ever played the powerball to try to win herself a castle? If she wins, maybe she’ll give some to you for your castle! After all, she is a princess and you are her mother, the queen.

  3. kramer says:

    How nice to hear Princess Piggy had visitors. She must take after her Momma, the social butterfly. If I had my choice of drinking out of a bottle or a bowl, I’d pick the bowl too . . . especially if someone was cleaning up after me. What a wonderful life Princess Piggy has, with a huge home, free food and water, and free maid service. Does Momma also offer Princess Piggy “turn down” service?? Home is where the heart is. Princess Piggy, like her Momma, are living the high life . . a home that is filled with love.

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