Once upon a time…

Six weeks ago a snow-white guinea pig at Andersen’s Pet Shop gave birth to two precocious girl guinea pigs, both all white, one with gray ears and one with pink ears. Two weeks ago the one with pink ears was ripped from her mother and sister and purchased for $39.99 (plus California sales tax) and became my Princess Piggy Poo.

Today I visited the pet store to get Princess Piggy Poo a little house for hiding, as guinea pigs like to do, and thought I’d ask about her parents.

“Her mother’s Snow White and her father is Casanova,” Bonnie the helpful clerk told me as she walked around the wheel of cages.

“Wow! Her father is so gray, she looks just like her mom…but look, her mom has two little babies there,” I observed.

“Oh, then Snow White isn’t your guinea pig’s mother, it’s that one,” she said as she pointed to one equally as white.

“What’s her name?” I asked.

“She doesn’t have one,” said Bonnie as she walked to help another customer.

So, Princess Piggy Poo’s mother is “Nameless.” That won’t do. It was so serendipitous when I thought my Princess’s mother was Snow White. How could all the other cavies there have names except the one who made my baby? And, she was born there 4 years ago! Couldn’t they call her something:  Cinderella or Belle or Snowball?

Well, if Nameless’s baby is a princess, none of those names would do anyway. I deem her Queen of Corona (Rapunzel’s biological mother from Disney’s Tangled). After all, I have hair like Mother Gothel and as far as Nameless is concerned I did kidnap her baby for my own selfish reasons such as those sweet squeaks and—as a grown woman with the pet of a 6-year-old child—to stay youthful. Thank you Queen of Corona from Her Human Momma the Queen!

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One Response to Once upon a time…

  1. kramer says:

    I love the name you picked out for her biological mom, Queen of Corona!! The story of little Princess Piggy Poo’s coming to live with you is not selfish by any means. You provided her with a warm and loving home, and she will surely keep you youthful as Human Momma the Queen!!

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